WHY Tuition Relief for Vulnerable Students                              

A. Vulnerable students who receive tuition relief for their studies  


    1. ​Vulnerable students who receive tuition relief have a good future, as they are taught how to            identify business opportunities, start some small business to sustain themselves and to                pay fees for their siblings.                                                                                                                      2. A number of students who have a job are completing their studies by attending weekend                classes.      

     3. After completing their studies some students feel confident to start and run a small                        business.             

     4. Students are able to rebuild the socio-economic conditions in their region. Their proven                entrepreneurship increases the number of production of goods and services in especially              the agricultural sector, as it concerns 80% of the overall economy.                                                  5. Some students become teachers who, in turn, will impact potential future leaders.                        6. Their success stories encourage young people who love to learn, but have no financial                  means.


    Additional Reasons

     1. ASUL needs to retain those students to guarantee the existence and growth of this young              university. Presently, lecturers sacrifice half their salary or more. This speaks to their love              and concern for these students.

    2. The students could reach the point to seriously consider joining a nearby Muslim university         receiving a tuition-free study. Regrettably, this has already happened. In those cases, each             student at the Muslim university is required to take courses on Muslim faith and practice.

    3. The Ugandan Government does not support all private universities, though they, included             ASUL, are required to pay taxes to the Uganda Revenuw Agency (URA).  


B. Vulnerable students who do not receive tuition relief 


     Students who don’t receive tution relief cannot afford school fees and onsequently 

     don’t have much of a future in Lango sub-region:                                                                   1. Female students often end up getting pregnant and forget about education                    2. Male students often end up becoming drunkards and get involved in stealing,                  which in most cases leads to death when found or caught.







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