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Two periods of persecution and terrorism, first under Idi Amin (1972-1979) and then under Joseph Kony (1985-2006), have purposely decimated a functioning leadership and crippled a flourishing economy in Lango sub-region. Since 2006, regions in Northern Uganda and especially Lango sub-region, demonstrates a serious lack of competent leaders to get peope out of the socio-economic ditch it is in. The future of this part of the world lies in the hands of present and future younger generations as it affects their personal future and that of their families. It has been demonstrated that present generations gravitate to inspiring leadership training as they realize the need for it. 


Following 2 years of teaching the course: Transformational Leadership: A Christian Perspective at Uganda Christian University in Mukono, Uganda Prof. Pieter Hendriks (Caneda Ministries) is presently teaching this course at All Saints University, Lango (ASUL) in Lira, Norhern Uganda during the winter/spring semester since 2010. 


This course includes basic principles that has been taught to hundreds of students of varying ages, as well as many clergy. While this course has been originally prepared for leaders in a local church it can easily be taught to aspiring and potential leaders within the many different sectors of society, education institutions, organizations, as well as parents at home.  


This course is a significant 'instrument' in dispersing an entrenched social malady characterized by a lack of trust, honesty, transparency, justice, reliability and competence. While these social dilemmas are general African problems, we must admit that, to a certain degree, all countries in the world suffer the consequences of similar social dilemmas. The social malady just described is preventing much needed economic growth to lift people out of subsistence and poor living conditions unto meaningful and sustainable prosperity.    


The PowerPoint presentation of forenamed course takes 10-12 hours.


Course Content:

        I. Formation of Effective Leadership

        Session 1: The Call to be a Leader  

        Session 2: The Functions of a Leader  

        Session 3: The Servant Role of a Leader    

        Session 4: The Shepherd Role of a Leader  

        Session 5: The Character of a Leader  ­­­­­­­­­­­­


        2. Practice of Effective Leadership

        Session 6: Seeking and Developing Relationships  

        Session 7: Team Formation and Effectiveness  

        Session 8: Creating and Shaping the Culture   

        Session 9: Crisis and Conflict Resolution  


        3. Significanse of Visionary Leadership                                                                                                             Session 10: Visionary Leadership 



For more information on the course: or via (page: connecting)


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