Field Trips - 2012

Word & Picture Report

Prepared by Pieter & Louisa  Hendriks - May 2012    



Note: Pieter & Louisa's involvement in these and other field trips on behalf of Partners in Hope will benefit Caneda Ministries in terms of how to gain a better understanding in order to help and support those living in subsistence conditions to enjoy a much better life and future. Note: In 2015, Partners in Hope has stopped its involvement with development projects in Lango sub-region.


Partners in Hope Support Bearing Fruit


Field trip to Otwal, Aduku, DIAPHA Group, AMWANGA Community Health Group and Abalokweri Adult Literacy Class on May 23-24. These field trips weer made on behalf of Partners in Hope (PiH)


  • Field trip to Otwal on Wednesday, May 23

Edward (Field consultant of World Renew), Rhoda, Rev. Jacob Ogwok, Louisa and Pieter drove in Edward’s truck over difficult roads (use of 4-drive) to Otwal were we arrived at 12:30 next to the newly built church (~ 8m x 26 m). The outside of the church building was plastered and the cement floor was half way done. This cement floor could be laid due to money received from rich people.

The meeting inside the church started with 2 men dancing and singing. This was followed by the usual introduction of visitors and speakers and agenda points. Following a few words of the catechist, the chairman of the laity expressed his thanks for all the support PiH has given for the ongoing projects. Christians are beginning to see and experience positive changes in their own church community and surrounding community as a direct result of PiH’s support. They see more love and joy expressed among the people, and improved quality of farming. This support has also helped to solve small problems between people such a:

a) Learning to live together as a church with those with HIV/AIDS,

b) Learning to use money to help each other. They discovered the use of credit loans / saving-credit plan.

     In the meantime, more people joined the meeting. Lots of gratitude for PiH has been heard and now forwarded to PiH. More speeches were given, all expressing positive results, including agricultural production of maize and onions. Challenges were faced such as inflation and high prizes for seed, sometimes too much rain other times too little rain. A saving & credit plan is used to provide people with money to be paid back with interest. This has created increased production and profit from which money could be returned to the saving & credit plan/budget.

     Edward’s help as farmer and good leadership has been great, as he monitored the various development activities. Otwal expressed their happiness seeing Pieter & Louisa returning to Otwal. Edward spoke about the importance of youth/young people learning to get into productive life. Following Pieter’s speech, Louisa brought greetings from PiH, and Rev. Jacob shared a bit about his recent trip to Calgary (Feb. 2012). He also mentioned how encouraged he was to see how well people, having come from the IDP camp traumatized, are progressing. An older man pointed out: today better housing, better health, better future, no lack of food, people happier. By the time the meeting had ended 20 people were present.

     Last year’s onion crop was spoiled due to too much rain and no good draining system. Since then, through advice, better method has been adopted to protect future onion crops sufficiently. For example, it was learned that July was a better season for onions, not earlier when the raining season was still in force. After lunch time, we went on a field trip to a church member’s field. We saw 2 acres of maize coming up, and somewhere else another 2 acres of land to be cultivated for onions.        


Prayer requests:

  1. Corruption is a big problem

  2. Weather sometimes a problem as e.g. lightning strikes  people

  3. Infection: HIV/AIDS, malaria and TB

  4. Prayer support for Otwal. By the grace of God no accidents have happened.   

  • Field trip to Aduku on Thursday, May 24

This trip was made without Rev. Jacob. At the meeting at the Cathedral we were reminded of the focus on the following 4 pillars:

  1. Food security and Income Generation

  2. Community health

  3. Spiritual Health / Youth

  4. Adult Literacy

Of the number of goats: 75% goes to the church to benefit HIV/AIDS patients and orphans, while 25% will be used by the church for youth and other needs.

     After a short meeting at the Cathedral we visited nearby with the DIAPHA Group of people living with HIV/AIDS. Last year we met a family of this group with the mother affected by HIV/AIDS. At that time she and others became beneficiaries of a donation of CAN$ 150 to buy goats. This year we met so many more families and during our visit we had a joyful ceremony during which Pieter passed on 20 goats and 10 kids to the church, of which 75% go to people suffering from Aids and 25% remain in church to decide how to use them This year 2012 they hope to give 30 to the church when born. From then onwards they give a goat to the next person(recipient).

     After this uplifting visit we went on to the Amwanga Community Health group 11 km from Aduku. (Last year we went to the Awalda Community Health Group). They too had received goats and this time the first offspring (kids) were passed on, officially by Pieter, to other people living with HIV/AIDS during a special ceremony. Goats are helpful for Income Generation purposes. Eventually, 5 goats can buy 1 cow for milk for self-consumption and selling.



On our way back to Lira we made a planned side trip to the Abalokweri Adult Literacy Class (AALC). This became another joyful meeting. In 2003, a Class A group had started classes regularly under a tree and later grew with another class, Class B. Then, a member of the community donated some of his land for a church, enabling them to follow Adult Literacy classes in the church building. In 2010, this community, like Otwal, had set up a saving-credit program. Presently, 90 people make use of this very successful plan, borrowing and paying back money. They thanked PiH, APDC and CRWRC for helping them out with goats and now also with the opportunity to work with the saving-credit plan. That assistance has changed the minds of people, they come together more regularly and looking after each other in meaningful ways. Their attitude towards each other has really changed! Several testimonies were heard from people who have really benefitted from the saving–credit plan with the help and support received from PiH. From the profit they made with the money they had borrowed they could now pay school fees for the children, buying food for the children coming home from school, all children are now going to school, etc. Life in general has become so much more bearable and enjoyable. The AALC has brought significant changes in the wider community and not only in the church community. This mission aspect was also mentioned by the previous community, Amwanga Health Community Group. The assistance from ADPC is
very much appreciated. What an encouraging visit this has been.








After returning to Aduku we met with a much bigger group for supper. While together, several testimonies were shared regarding benefits through support from PiH. People begin to sense the benefits from help from Canada and start to feel more happy and thankful and are more appreciative. The Partnership has opened many eyes as lots of changes are taking place among them and also among those living with HIV/AIDS, as there is much more reaching out to them. 



    New church    buiding in Otwal




Field with


Planting onions



Typical family setting of grass huts

Typical African  road difficult to pass


Adult literacy class




DIAPHA Group of women  living with HIV/AIDS     ​


Church at Abalokweri

Exchange of goats

from families back to church


Community Health


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