Three Areas of Development Initiatives



2.1. All Saints University, Lango (ASUL) has been established in 2009 and is a fully accredited institute. It has presently three faculties: Faculty of Business and Management, Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Education. In the context of Lango's socio-economic condition it offers not only Degree programs but also Diploma, Professional and Customized programs. It's present campus consists of several dilapidated buildings and tents, as well as an overflow room in a nearby building. This campus is absolutely inadequate to grow in number of faculties, staff, teachers and students.









The property for a new campus is available and arrangements have been made for the beginning of an initial building. ASUL is seeking in developers who would be interested in building more facilities on the new campus on basis of a Build–operate–transfer (BOT). BOT is a form of project financing, wherein a private entity receives a concession from the private or public sector to finance, design, construct, and operate a facility stated in the concession contract. This enables the project proponent to recover its investment, operating and maintenance expenses in the project. 

Retaining Students. Presently, more than 1/3 of the total student body at ASUL consists of ‘vulnerable’ students. At one point, most of them are forced to stop their studies due to lack of money to pay for fees, accommodation and food. As a result, some of those students may seriously consider joining a Muslim University that offers students fee-‘free’ studies as is happening already. It is of great importance to retain as many students as possible, as they will help strengthen the capacity of ASUL to grow and develop, thus contributing to a successful development of Lango society.


Note: Web page 'WHY Tuition Relief for Vulnerable Students' explains the great need for financial and prayer support for those students. 





2.2. Modern Trades SchoolIt is extremely important to build a competent hands-on labour force next to a competent higher-educated labour force. Such Trades School will likely replace the number of smaller, scattered-around vocational schools.                    

More information will follow.

Possible future name: Northern Uganda Institute of Technology  [NUIT Polytechnic]

Possible Model: Southern Alberta Institute of Technology [SAIT Polytechnic]

Google: sait calgary.



Students in front of the worship building at ASUL on present campus

In order to successfully develop the present deplorable socio-economic conditions in Lango sub-region Education is one of several main sectors that needs full attention. Much needed competent leadership and entrepreneurship is developed in those trained at universities and trades schools, at least for the most part. Attention is given to the growth and development of All Saints University, Lango (ASUL) and the need for one, modern Trade school in Lira.

Future Faculties

2.1.1. Faculty of Paramedics/Medicine will specialize in paramedical training (clinical, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, etc.) and later general medicine. The medical school will house a hospital providing referral medical services and also acting as training center.

2.1.2. Faculty of Agriculture and Environment Sciences will promote sustainable commercialized agricultural practices, which are both environmentally friendly and sustainable at both large and small scale intensive operation. The program will train youths to become commercialized farmers who can address market-oriented challenges.

2.1.3. Faculty of Engineering and Technology will promote and develop sustainable, innovative technology such as solar energy, biotechnology, civil engineering, etc.

Weekend Class in

front of a dilapidated building

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