Canvassing for financial support for vulnerable / disadvantaged / underprivileged students at ASUL.​


T              Taxable Donations


1. Cheques:

Made payable to the Charitable organization: The Great Commission Foundation (GCF).

In the memo refer to this project:

Caneda Ministries Acc. # 370.

Tax receipts will be issued (See also Note below).


2. Automatic Withdrawals:

Monthly automatic withdrawals can be set up by filling out and mailing a special Pre-Authorized Debt form to: The Great Commission Foundation. This form can be downloaded from the GCF website at


3. Online Credit Card Donations:


4. Cash Donations:

Please provide complete name and address in order to receive tax receipts.


NOTE: Donations of less that $50.00 CAD/year will not receipted unless requested. Upon such request, a fee of $5.00 CAD will be charged to the partner's organization.


Note: Special account of Caneda Ministries has been set up at Housing Finance Bank in Lira, Uganda, for all donations to be sent in USD. At  request, donations will be then passed on to ASUL. Donations can also be made for a particular student if requested.




Churches and other groups of people who don't need to receive taxable receipts can send their donations by cheques as follows:

Pay to the order of: Pieter Hendriks

Memo: Caneda Ministries #370 (FVS)




Donations are requested to complement tuition fees for vulnerable students whose parents/guardians are not able to raise.The number of vulnerable / disadvantaged students is about 1/3 of the  student-body.


Donations are placed in an


1. Endowment Fund (EF) 

In order to support all vulnerable students   USD1,500,000 (CAD2,000,000 according to 2016 exchange rate) is needed. This requires large amounts of donations.


2. Immediate Access Fund (IAF)      

Right now it is more likely that smaller donations will be raised and sent to an IAF at Housing Finance Bank in Lira managed by Caneda Ministries-Uganda. Upon request by ASUL and approved by Caneda Ministries-Uganda requested funds will be transferred to an account managed by a special committee at ASUL.


3. Supporting 1 student for 1 year: This may vary between USD1000 and USD3000 dependent on the need of each student.

                      Donating to Tuition Relief Fund                                          ALL SAINTS UNIVERSITY, LANGO


​A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

guarantees that donations received and forwarded to ASUL are used for the sole purpose of supporting its vulnerable students


12 contributions have been made to a total of CAD 17.680 (USD 13.295) per April 6, 2016.  Praise the Lord!

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